eGNA Case Conference

eGNA Case Conference


electronic Genetic Nutrition Academy

eGNA case conference and journal club are a series of free online educational modules providing evidence-based knowledge about nutrition management for inherited metabolic disorders.

eGNA Case Conference and Journal Club
Intended Audience Genetic metabolic dietitians and other clinicians
2018 Theme
All Metabolic Disorders
Session VI
Managing Metabolic Disorders via Telemedicine

Session VI Course Flyer

Journal Club
Article: Video Consultations as add-on to standard care among patients with type 2 diabetes not responding to standard regimens: a randomized controlled trial by Hansen et. al.
Presenter: Jill Davis, MPH (Consultant)
Date and Time: October 3, 2018, 12 pm EDT

Case Conference
Topic: Managing Metabolic Disorders via Telemedicine
Alexa Bledsoe, MS, RD, LDN and Krista Mantay, MS RD LDN (University of Florida)
Nicole McWhorter, MS, RD, LD (University of Kentucky)
Lanie Coffey, MS, RD, LD (Cook Children’s Hospital)
Date and Time: October 12, 2018, 12 pm EDT

Medical Commentary
Presenter: Elizabeth Krupinski, PhD (Emory University School of Medicine)
Date and Time: Available October 3, 2018

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Deadline to register: September 14, 2018.
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Registered Attendees

Registered attendees may access course materials here:
eGNA Library and Conference Center

Session V
Maternal PKU with GMP
Journal Club: May 4, 2018
Case Conference: May 16, 2018
Session IV
Evidence Analysis Workshop: How to Critique Publications to Improve Patient Outcomes
Evidence Analysis Training: February 7, 2018
Evidence Analysis Interactive Review: February 14, 2018
2017 Theme
Urea Cycle Disorders
Session III
Ornithine Transcarbamylase Deficiency (OTC)
Case Conference: October 4, 2017
Journal Club: October 4 - November 4, 2017
Session II
ASL Deficiency
Case Conference: June 7, 2017
Journal Club: June 7-July 5, 2017
eGNA Library: Coming Soon
Session I
ARG I Deficiency
Case Conference: February 1, 2017
Journal Club: February 1 - March 1, 2017
eGNA Library: Coming Soon
Course Director Rani H. Singh, PhD, RD, LD
Contact Education Coordinator Rosalynn Borlaza Blair, MA

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