eGNA Case Conference

eGNA Case Conference


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the Journal Club?
Who can participate in the Case Conference and Journal Club?
  • Attendance is open to individuals in the health profession.
    • Primary audience: dietitians
    • Secondary: other health professionals
Is there a cost to participate?
  • Participation is free; however donations are welcomed to support the continuation of the program.
What benefits will I receive by attending the eGNA Case Conference and Journal Club?
  • Educational opportunity and sharing of best practices
  • Up to 4 CE hours are available to attendees
How do I pre-register for the eGNA Case Conference and Journal Club?
I signed up for a previous session. Will I need to pre-register again?
  • Yes, but you won't need to fill in all of your details again. Click here to pre-register for the upcoming session.
What are the system requirements?
  • Basic system requirements include:
    • Windows, Mac or Linux
    • A modern, up to date browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari
  • Selected participants will receive additional system requirement details.

Is eGNA Case Conference and Journal Club secure?
  • eGNA modules are served over a 2048-bit encrypted connection.
I want to show my appreciation for eGNA Case Conference and Journal Club, is there a way I can donate directly to you?
Who can I contact for additional assistance?

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